A unique union of green florals and foliage.  Sweet, wild grass layered with a gentle citrus twist of bergamot and lime.  The subtle woodiness from Himalayan bamboo and the sweet, green tones of violets are topped with a core of lush, rich green foliage.    

Be is a fresh, inspiring fragrance.  Perfect for your alone time.

110g/ 3.9 oz. soy, rapeseed, coconut and beeswax candle in a handmade pure brass container.  When burned properly, you will enjoy more than 20 hours of a fresh, fragrant atmosphere.

Be has a medium throw -  offering a lovely soft scent, even when it’s not burning.

Our keepsake pure brass container was hand-forged by skilful artisans and was created to be beautifully repurposed.  Each piece is perfectly imperfect – slight flaws on the surface are part of the charm.

The Muses London


About us

The idea for The Muses was born when Fiona was living in the sun-drenched city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Suffering from a severe back condition, she started making her own candles. As she started to feel better, she realised how impactful scent had been in structuring her day, influencing her mood and aiding her recovery in a subconscious way. Fiona wanted a candle collection that looked super chic, was clean burning and sustainably designed. For her to be able to achieve this, sustainability had to sit at the heart of the design process: The natural wax, the wicks, containers, labels, note cards, candle boxes, botanical fragrance oils, essential oils, the shipping boxes, filler and shipping tape. Everything! Fiona believes that fragrance can be used in our homes specifically to shape our day & to boost our day-to-day wellbeing.