Burnt Orange Baby Alpaca Wool Shawl

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- Incredibly soft designer unisex accessory made using baby alpaca wool
- Designed in London and handmade in Peru to support the local economy
- Timeless wardrobe staples and contemporary clothing made to last
- Versatile usage, can be used as a shawl, scarf or even a blanket
London designers So Cosy present their collection of designer accessories including these beautiful shawls. Made using the first shear of baby alpaca wool, these pieces are manufactured in the animals native Peru to support the local community and economy. Lightweight, versatile and oh so cosy, these shawls are essentials in keeping warm whatever the season.
Check their Baby Alpaca Throws and Blankets and stay cosy this winter!
W: 60 x L: 200 cm
100% Baby Alpaca Wool
Burnt Orange



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