Cashmere Glove in Foggy

As low as £59.00

• 100% Sustainable Cashmere

Keep your hands warm on the coldest of days in these soft and luxurious gloves. Co-ordinate with our cashmere scarves and hats to be wrapped in luxury

• 100% Sustainable Cashmere


About us

Our vision is about championing the longevity of both the style and quality of our cashmere. It looks good and feels good for longer. With more than a decade working with cashmere, it’s what we know and we want to share that passion and knowledge with you.


The work that goes on behind the scenes is the fuel behind the fire of Loop Cashmere, from the source of our materials to the talented hands putting each individual garment together. We know the impact that fashion can have on people and the planet, and we wanted to have as light of a touch as possible. That's why we have woven sustainability into the heart of the brand, from yarn and manufacturing, to our product packaging and the method of sending the parcels to your home. We're creating feel good cashmere with a conscience.