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The Charabanc Pomander in Signal Red, inspired by the ultimate sporting red that has graced the exterior and interior of some of the most spirited car brands. This luxury car fragrance accessory is accompanied by the fragrance which takes you through ‘Monument Valley Drive’ and can be used with any of our scented ceramic refills as and when required.



About us

The must-have car fragrance accessory for the automobile comprised of a finely hand-crafted, stencilled-steel pomander and scented ceramic, encased in artisan-moulded leather.

Motivated by some of the world’s most pleasurable drives, Charabanc’s unique essences and scents capture the specific aromatic qualities of a particular landscape. Charabanc, the luxury must-have for the automobile returns you to those halcyon days when drivers sought distant horizons, mountain peaks and the atmosphere of adventure.

Discover the perfect gift for car lovers and fragrance lovers alike.