Rattan sticks diffuser, pink pepper eucalyptus, laudanum, tonka bean and patchouli

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The STILE bottle 500ml size is painted in white for the occasion and matches with the maple cap. Its beautiful screen printed red name is shown on the front of the bottle.


About us

At the beginning of 1990, inspired by the technique of hand-weaving wicker baskets, Culti Milano introduced for the first time ever the Reed Stick Room Fragrance Diffuser. Culti Milano discovered, in fact, that when a bunch of rattan sticks are soaked in the perfume the full
intensity of the fragrance is gradually released into the air, steadily and constantly.
Through this unique technique of evenly and delicately diffusing the fragrance into the room, Culti Milano has succeeded in transforming a simple gesture into a multisensory experience.
Culti Mialno, perfumery products are characterised by a unique style that focuses on quality, a careful selection of both ingredients and materials and the greatest attention to detail, making it possible to personalise both homes and working environments in a refined and sober style. Over the years this culture of perfume evolved, and a series of exclusive products were gradually added, including items for face and body care, thus becoming the symbol of a specific lifestyle.