The print of a wooded undergrowth, the trace of a forest trail powdered with the first snows. Nature invites us to enjoy the art of almost nothing, the subtle beauty of modest decoration, the passage of time that erodes stone and lets the golden veins of the earth show through. Patterns of dead leaves, branches, pine cones and berries, fossil plants fixed by winter frost, make up this vast natural scene, brought to life by a brushed effect and printed in the middle of the table on snow-white linen. The whole thing is trimmed with a network of silver-thread twigs and pinecones in golden thread.

Alexandre Turpault


About us

Bed linen, homewear, accessories, for bathing and cocooning...
Alexandre Turpault has perpetuated since 1847 a unique know-how in the world of decoration and well-being. Precious materials, subtle and luminous colors make each of its collections a new emotion, an invitation to dreaming and enjoying the sweetness of life.