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Our handmade foldaway oven stand takes the hassle out of building your own oven base. The stand ensures that the oven itself is at the ideal height for cooking and is stable.

Made in the Yorkshire, the stainless steel stand is built to withstand all outdoor conditions, suitable for external use. This robust, quality item arrives as 3 parts in one pack, no screws, no hassle, simply fold out the stand and click both of the metal tables on.

Our stand is designed to perfectly hold the base of your DeliVita oven but also features hooks on the front that can be used to hold all of your DeliVita accessories and pizza cooking equipment such as pizza peel, brushes and pizza cutter etc, not forgetting the bottom metal tray, which is ideal for holding your wood logs.



About us

Our hand-made, designer quality ovens are well suited to the discerning lifestyle of your clientele. The DeliVita oven is one of the lightest, traditional mixed-clay, wood-fired oven in the world.A multi-use, versatile product with ‘kerb appeal’; at only 30kgs, the ovens are portable whilst simple to operate and delightful to use.
Taking 25 minutes to reach a temperature of 450 Degrees Celsius; they are a fast and healthier way of cooking than the traditional BBQ, with less harmful carbonisation, but with the food still infused with fantastic wood-fired aromas. As a table-top oven, featuring a unique heat-insulated base, they can be positioned on any outside surface without heat damage. Suitable for an extensive range of cooking techniques, the DeliVita allows you to cook the perfect traditional Neapolitan Pizza at 600C in as little as 90 seconds, through to roasted veg, rosemary potatoes, Tandoori chicken, perfect sea-bass, prawns, and sizzling steaks.
Coming with a no quibble 5-year warranty for peace of mind, and a range of branded specialist accessories such as unique leather aprons, the DeliVita oven offers a distinct and quality catering experience.