Took from the men's wardrobe, a micro tie pattern, woven as thin as a silversmith guilloché on an antique watch. The combination of an ultra-soft and silky snow satin, and a micro pattern woven on a jacquard loom, in a simple and effective two-tone composition. The seduction of this classic style comes from the contrast of materials (the texture of the jacquard and the silky satin), the contrast of color (navy blue mottled pattern and the purity of the white satin). 100% cotton. Made in Italy.

Alexandre Turpault


About us

Bed linen, homewear, accessories, for bathing and cocooning...
Alexandre Turpault has perpetuated since 1847 a unique know-how in the world of decoration and well-being. Precious materials, subtle and luminous colors make each of its collections a new emotion, an invitation to dreaming and enjoying the sweetness of life.