Fragrances a medium size space for several weeks.

Mathilde M.


About us

The wonderful story of Mathilde M. began in 2002. Drawing her inspiration from the refinement of the 18th century, Mathilde M. brings elegance, charm and poetry to all interiors in a timelessly chic classic style. Freely inspired by the heritage of France's castles and beautiful homes, Mathilde M. revisits tradition to reconcile the excellence of craftsmanship with the latest innovations.

Scents, decoration, baby's world, cosmetics, tableware... Each object is designed to bring a note of softness and romance to the home and recreate a French art of living, full of refinement. Distributed in more than 50 countries, Mathilde M. is a leading player in the perfume and interior decoration market.

Our philosophy

Recognized for her expertise as an expert perfumer, Mathilde M. creates fragrances that enchant interiors with refined scents. High quality, our perfumes are developed in close collaboration with Maîtres-Parfumeurs located in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. Our complex home fragrances are a blend of many notes.

Emblems of the Mathilde M. brand, the scented plaster decorations are all made in our workshops and meticulously chiseled by hand to create high quality objects.Each Mathilde M. object is adorned with refined details hand-placed in our workshops: stylized ribbons and precious cameos are the ultimate signature of the brand’s incomparable elegance.Our inspirations

Every novelty is born from the imagination of our Creative team. Drawing their inspiration from the history of France, our designers also study decoration and painting trends and are intensely inspired by fashion.

Atmospheres, colors and materials, it all starts with a sketch, a drawing, which will come to life on the products. Our Design team presents 2 collections per year, i.e. more than 400 new products designed with passion and enthusiasm.All Mathilde M. creations are exclusive and registered. Mathilde M. strives to offer quality products, meeting extremely rigorous specifications.