The re-edition of the Ottoman model created by Primrose Bordier responds to current decorative influences; inspired by Ottoman illuminations, the motifs are rich in ornaments. The Slate variant, felt grey and flannel, is punctuated by timelessly elegant black and white graphics. Linen fibres play with light and bring intense reflections. Delicate weaving and mitered corners bear witness to our exceptional craftsmanship. A highlight of the collection, the Ottoman tablecloths is adorned with an elegant ornamental decoration of oriental inspiration.

Le Jacquard Français


About us

Le Jacquard Français is a great human story, that of men and women who are passionate about their craft and who, since 1888, have each contributed to building a brand of table linen that is unequalled throughout the world.
As the collections progress, our teams recompose the techniques of the past to bring them up to date and combine technological innovation with unique know-how.
Today, Jacquard Français is not only the common reference for generations who share a passion for beauty and a taste for decoration, but also a brand on the move that is constantly adapting to changing forms of conviviality.