Merci Paris


About us


Offering a sensitive and responsible art of living in keeping with the times, this is the “raison d’être” of the store at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais. Designed to be welcoming rather than intimidating, based around conviviality and pleasure, more than a store, Merci is a haven of warmth and life. . It is a consciously chosen destination, a place to go for its unique atmosphere and the pleasurable experience it offers. Merci is considered to be one of the first home & lifestyle concept stores in the world. The thinking that drives its teams today is the same as that which presided over its creation. Marie-France and Bernard Cohen wanted to create an extraordinary, living place that would offer “something more” than just another store. This “something more” would bring together fashion and homewares into one of the first lifestyle concept stores the world had seen.. The “something more” would also be a different approach to trade. A generous and sensitive approach. Thus, a new way of way of doing business emerged, a way that combined pleasure with responsibility.