Carpets CC is the carpet design brand of Cecilia Setterdahl. Cecilia is based in Dubai since 2015.


Available in a per square meter price


100% Afghan Wool / 100 knots per square inch

Pile height 13-15MM

with Fringes

Size: 170x240cm

Exclusive Design CS (Only 1 piece)

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Category: Rugs, Summer Living
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Design Title: "Tribal Pink" from Tribal Collection


This is from the " Tribal Collection" made in hand spun and naturally dyed Afghan wool with an abrashed look.

It is a unique piece with a tribal face constructed out of geometric forms.

Drawn from this new inspiration the Tribal collection was born. The three carpets that make up the collection are Tribal Black, Tribal Blue & Tribal Pink

Carpets CC by Cecilia Setterdahl


About us

Carpets CC are stunning works that transcend art for your home. Cecilia takes her own canvas compositions and reimagines them as hand-made carpets and rugs.

The brand, Carpets CC by Cecilia Setterdahl, helps you create truly individual and distinct spaces through her unique designs. Born from her imagination and by the inspiration she finds around her, Cecilia's work, conveys bold colours and geometric shapes for appreciation and exploration. The Carpets CC Showroom is in constant motion with new canvas, carpets and rugs being updated and displayed on a regular basis.

Cecilia’s work, whether canvas or carpet, feels right in any home; Contemporary, Old World or Middle Eastern, whatever the setting, an original Cecilia Setterdahl art piece speaks volumes and will bring any room to life.
She likes to ensure each piece will be the talking point of any room. The majority of carpets are limited edition, with a maximum of 10 pieces being produced.

All carpets are hand-made in India or Afghanistan using New Zealand or Afghan wool and are either hand-knotted, hand-tufted or crafted on a hand-loom. Depending on the method of craft, carpets can take anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks to be created.