Healing and inspiration for your senses, with this bundle that is set to stir the depths of your being. Textures that inspire you to feel. Scents that have been chosen to touch hidden aspects of your being.

This box contains:

  • Ostara which is coming into season this Spring, a scent that can create a beautiful soft, yin environment. Magnolia bark is subtly floral, blended with sandalwood for a deeper encounter.

  • Then you have pure Sandalwood itself, with Uluru, a more masculine approach, but wonderful after a wholesome meal.

  • Awaken is an optional extra, the aloeswood or oud has psychoactive components that can inspire an otherworldly experience.

  • After creating your bathing ritual, you might like to anoint your pulse points with a woodsy, balmy scent of Onsen. A sacred natural scent, reminiscent of Japanese hot Springs. This scent is fresh as it is sensual, natural, amidst an exploration into visions of deep verdant forest lands.

  • We’ve added a couple of sensual details to prepare your space. The handmade Shibui Raw Black chalice incense burner, which comes with a hand polished gold coloured incense dome holder. As well as a few sprigs of California White Sage, to smudge and cleanse your sacred space.

  • Gift Boxed

Ume Collection


About us

We are London-based creators UME who design a range of products to inspire your daily rituals. We produce premium grade natural incense sticks, handmade incense burners & pure botanical atmosphere mists that aim to reconnect you with your essence.

We are committed to using only the finest raw aromatic plant materials in our natural fragrances and the highest quality Japanese inspired stoneware clays for our handmade incense burners.

Everything we produce, we do it with absolute love and passion for the Earth. In awe of what nature provides we are aligning with the positive shift that is happening to restore this planet back to health. We don't sometimes shout about it, but these principles are standard to us.