La Rochere Zinc Mug 20cl


The Zinc mug's grooved body featuring an industrial design inspired by airplane engines offers protection from excessive heat. Balancing sturdy robustness with fragility to bring intrigue to your tabletop. A beautifully executed design by Fabrice Gibilaro.

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The winglets of the Zinc mug protect the glass (and your fingers) from excessive heat, making it versatile for everything from cocktails to coffee. 

Since 1475, our master-glassmakers have been creating authentic products appreciated world over both for special tasting and daily use. Pressed glass and mouth-blown crystalline form part of the key expertise we have acquired over generations, enabling us to produce different types of glasses.

For centuries La Rochere has brought glassware collections to life, each one telling its own story, like markers of time rooted in our French heritage. Today we live and share these stories with you, tracing past into present, unravelling the art and the joy of each design. May they inspire each of us as we create new experiences, as we make our own story.

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