Have you ever struggled to find the perfect finishing touch for a new or upcycled cabinet, chest of drawers or cupboard? Get a handle on it, literally, with the latest range of stylish cabinet and furniture hardware from Maison Lamée. To hear more about her designs and creative process, we caught up with founder and designer Aimée Lam. 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your personal style, and your history as an interior designer. 

I grew up in a creative family where Art and Textiles were our favourite subjects at school, probably because we excelled at it, so I knew I would end up doing something in the design world. 

The Interior Design projects I work on are always very concept-led and project-specific, drawing from the history and location of the building. One of my first lessons in design was to always have a reason behind design decisions as it means you will always finish with a strong scheme. 

At home, I simply choose items because I love them. I see my style as rather eclectic and tend to lean towards Art Deco or vintage pieces. I believe if you surround yourself with cherished belongings and style them well then you can make anywhere feel like home. 

I have been lucky enough to work for some of the most renowned Interior Designers in London and be part of luxury projects such as One Park Drive, One Crown Place and W Barcelona. It is very easy and fun to get lost in the high profile lifestyle of the clients you work for. 

2. What prompted you to start Maison Lamée – why cabinet and furniture hardware? 

Always surrounded by entrepreneurs, it was only a matter of time before I took the leap and gave it a go. The last 10 years have been about gaining experience and expanding my creative influences. Inspired by beautiful furniture and items along the way, it was a natural progression to want to curate lovely products of my own. 

My business partner and partner in life, has always had a passion for furniture making. I would design something and he would bring it to life. He has created some stunning pieces for friends and private clients but through that process, we always found it hard to find the perfect hardware to finish off the projects. We wanted to offer people a product that could simply transform their furniture without costing the world. 

3. Most people overlook the details – without even realising they’re doing so. What’s your take on the small details in interior design? 

Oh yes, small details are everything. When renovating a house for example it is the things that you touch and see every day that will make the difference. It could be as simple as taking the extra time to ensure that tile grout aligns from floor to wall in a bathroom, or the finish of your light switches match your door handles. 

If done thoughtfully these little features will be appreciated and overall make everything seem more high-end. Handles are fitted for function, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful at the same time. 

4. We love the “after” pics on your Instagram. What advice do you have for people about upcycling furniture? 

People have had the chance to be very creative this year in their homes, so we really enjoy sharing the amazing furniture transformations and hacks we get tagged in. 

My advice is to take your time in deciding what piece of furniture you want to upcycle. The more care you show the piece the more beautiful it will turn out. I’d also suggest you not necessarily follow the trends – opting for a classic style will mean the piece will not date and be more versatile. 

Typically it’s the simplest pieces that get the most compliments. This is why our handles are a great accessory that can be added or swapped, easily updating a look whilst keeping the piece in its original state. 

5. What are some of the rules of thumb when choosing cabinet and furniture hardware? Mix and match or one cohesive look throughout? 

Our collections were formed so that they complement one another. Schemes generally tend to work better when you stick to one style per piece to allow the hardware to speak for itself and also avoids details becoming too fussy. 

6. Tell us about your design and manufacturing process. 

All of our hardware is solid brass and finished by hand. It was important to us to use only solid brass as it is 100% recyclable and also naturally antibacterial, which in the past year has become increasingly important. 

The handles and knobs are designed to be functional with a lot of thought but into the proportion and finishing. Everybody always comments on how weighty they feel. 

7. Which products are your best sellers? 

Our bestsellers have to be the Honex Collection extra-long 220mm handle and the Hi-Fi Knurled 160mm handles. The Honex is our favourite pick for dolling up a wardrobe and the Hi-Fi handle which is very on-trend at the moment creates an industrial yet sleek aesthetic for quick kitchen updates. 

8. What’s next for Maison Lamée? 

The dream is to become a homeware brand that people come to be inspired by. We are busy working on ideas in the background so watch this space! 

9. What’s next for Aimée Lam? 

I feel like I have ticked quite a few things off the list over the last year; becoming a mum, moving house and starting a new business. So this next year will be all about concentrating on developing our brand and products and getting closer towards becoming that chic homeware brand. It has been a lot of hard work but I am enjoying every minute of owning my own business, watching it grow and seeing people enjoy our products.